MakeLogic Tail

MakeLogic Tail 2.1.0

Similar to the "tail -f" of Linux, shows the last few lines of a log file in GUI

MakeLogic Tail is similar to the "tail -f" of Linux. Makelogic tail shows the last few lines of a growing log file in real time. It comes with an easy to use GUI. Tail can be used to monitor the log files of various servers. Eg. Error logs and access logs of web servers.

Features :

  • Tail multiple log files in a single MDI window
  • Search the log files. Current and all open
  • Simply drag a log file and drop into the application window
  • Highlight chosen set of keywords in different colors
  • Keep track of the most recently opened documents
  • Cascade or Tile the log file windows

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MakeLogic Tail


MakeLogic Tail 2.1.0